ALPHABET SOUP of Financial Aid

Alphabet Soup of FInancial Aid 1)You can’t get financial aid unless you apply, so fill out the FAFSA– Free Application for Federal Student Aid.   2) This FAFSA form will give you your EFC – Expected Family Contribution. This is the amount the federal government determines you and your family are able to pay for the upcoming year…


Common App Prompts- Are you ready?

Preparing for the Common Application? The essay prompts are out now…ready to answer these: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can…



$232,271!! That’s How Much. Read further to see how you can start preparing for your future! According to the College Board’s College Cost Calculator, the average price of one year of private college is $42,224 in today’s dollars. Adjusted for start dates of your typical 5 years to complete a degree  (assuming about 5 percent annual increase),…


10 Tips to Survive the Application Process

How can you help your child de-stress as they accomplish this critical activity?








  1. Plan your work – Make sure you have a calendar in hand to map out the application into steps to make the process more achievable and less daunting. Set the date/time for actions, including application deadlines. Schedule all targeted school applications. Identify which schools use the Common App or Coalition App or another application to sort your tasks in related application methods. Identify proofreaders for step 5 and put them on the schedule.
  2. Build a resume – Key aspects of your resume are readily used on a college application. Consider work experience, projects you completed, papers written, course work accomplished, volunteering, etc.
  3. Maintain a portfolio – Keep a document or folder on all activities, awards, and recognition you have received, in order to best organize which ones would be best for certain application questions.
  4. Work your plan – Commit to meeting the milestones of your action plan (1) and reward yourself for keeping on track.  Once you’ve completed one application, reward yourself again.  The following applications are typically much easier as you have most of the elements repeated.
  5. Review & Proof – Always check your application for errors/consistency and engage your list of proof readers to ensure a “second set of eyes” has reviewed each of your college applications before submittal

If you need more clarification about these steps – and the “before and after” – At Reliant we can help you…

– Select the best colleges your child should be applying to

– Reduce the student’s overall stress about the college admission process

– With the step-by-step actions for this important process

– Become informed with key tips that increase your potential for acceptance 


Career Help and College Applications Class

Improve your chances of getting a job you love, Find the job that’s the “right fit” for you with our Career Exploration assessment Learn networking skills for building relationships & careers,  Get Help preparing your college applications RSVP now to Career Networking Class: – Understand the importance of networking & connections – Learn how…


Students have time this summer to explore their college major

Students have the TIME in SUMMER to explore their potential college major. And then look at colleges that have their major. GET Sophomores, Juniors and even Seniors on track to finish earlier by knowing their career direction. RELIANT offers a detailed student assessment on areas of interest, strengths, motivational needs, stress behavior, personality, and work/lifestyle…


Congratulations to OUR 2018 Graduates!!

RELIANT wishes to congratulate all our amazing men and women who have successfully completed their senior year at local high school from Fountain Valley, Edison, Hunting Beach HS, Mater Dei, Servite, Marina, Brethren Christian, and others. It has been great to work with you and we know you are on your way to success!